About us

We are fascinated by the magic of precious stones which have a soul.

Metals which have touched humankind for centuries through their lustre and special properties, fine gold and silver of high alloy.

The crafting as a creative process between the mind and the hand.

We are touching and feeling and are involved with all our senses.

With passion and all our craft and design abilities and knowledge, we have been creating unique jewellery for more than 30 years in our goldsmith workshop.

Individual, of high quality, crafted with great care, haptic and comfortable to collaboration with the customer or as self-assigned design task.

Our love for those unique and special precious stones takes us on journeys into foreign countries around the world and over the year many personal contacts with suppliers have developed into long-lasting friendships.

The style of our jewellery is pure, simple, classic, elegant, light, beautiful and sensual.

With our jewellery the wearer should feel at ease and it should become a part of her personality.