Special designs and presents

The weeks until Christmas always seem to fly by particularly fast.



Even during the pre-Christmas weeks we have time for you and are happy to consult you. Relax and browse in our shop.


However, for special design requests we will need extra time, so it is a good idea to stop by soon so we can meet your deadline.



Here are a few inspirations for special treats this Christmas.


Lively Citrine helps against November Grey

The beautiful bright Citrine has been popular in antique Greece since 480 AD as well as among the Romans in jewellery making as precious stones and Cabochons.

It was thought of as the precious stone for luck and worn as an Talisman against bad thoughts, snake bites and other poisonous reptiles. Experts in the area of the meaning and healing powers of stones also believe that the Citrine stimulates mental abilities, creativity and enhances intuition and self-confidence. It is also known to help control emotions and increase alertness.