Easter Greetings

With these pictures we send you warm greetings from Fedelhören for Easter. Get inspired when you go for a stroll and some 'window shopping'. 

Call us or send us an email, if you are especially interested in a piece. Payment and delivery can be discussed and arranged, also in these weeks, in an easy and uncomplicated way. You also have the possibility to give away a Gold + Form jewellery voucher. You determine the amount and we send you your personal voucher by email.

In any case, please stay healthy and at home over the Easter holidays!

Rock Crystal in April

Pure quartz: Rock crystal in gemstone quality.

The absolutely colourless rock crystal is the most original variety from the quartz family, as it has no colouring trace elements in its crystal lattice. The term "crystal" comes from the Greek and means "ice", because rock crystal was once thought to be eternally frozen. Rock crystal is widespread and for this reason the least expensive of all colorless gemstones.