#kuckenkommen - come and discover artists' studios

Many studios and workshops are open during the 2. and 3. November in the Bremen Viertel. Come and discover them.

The creatives of the Viertel have formed the KunstWerk im Viertel and invite you to stroll through the Viertle. Gain some insight into the making process, get to know the artists and designers and discover lesser known areas of Bremen. Large red flags will be flying around town and red carpets will guide the way to the studios.


All information about the participating artists, studios and events will be published in the local media, information booths, the website and broschure.


More information at Kunstwerk im Viertel


Saphire in September

The Saphire connects us to our blue veins. It counts as a healing stones as far as weak nerves and blood circulation issues is concerned. It also represents integrity, wisdom and beauty. People born in September are considered to be honest and wise human beings.

The line between pink Saphires and Rubies is not clearly defined, which has resulted in some fierce debates in the past. However, today this has become obsolete because the pink Saphire has become more and more popular and this also increased its value. We believe it is better in any case to own a pink Saphire of excellent, fine quality rather than a ruby of doubtful (because too light) colour.