Fleeting jewellery moments

Gifts from Gold + Form

Gold + Form has stood for precious stones and noble metals for 35 years, but in these extreme times when nothing is the same anymore, we want to show you that we can also create light, imperfect jewellery out of paper. Sixteen of these jewellery moments we want to give away in June - as a symbol for a moment of joy, lightness, flexibility and change.

Look forward / look forward to our creative, imperfect brooches, earrings and necklaces from the Gold + Form paper workshop.

Have fun participating and wearing our jewellery moments.

16 jewellery moments to give away: Here are the details

Throughout June - every Tuesday and Thursday between 9am and 10am - we will post a photo of a piece of jewellery on Gold + Form's Instagram 'feed'.  Two participants at a time will then be able to collect this piece from us at Fedelhören on Friday.

The exact dates:

Tuesday 1/6 and Thursday 3/6; 8/6 and 10/6; 15/6 and 17/6; and on 22/6 and 24/6.

Rules of participation:

1. Participants: from Bremen or the surrounding area. (only once, so that others also have a chance).

2. Winners: the first two people who 'like' the IG post, follow Gold + Form and 'tag' a friend. (We will inform the winners via PN).

3. Pick up: you can pick up your gift in the shop at Fedelhören on Friday afternoons between 15.00 and 17.00 or send a short email to No shipping possible.

4. Photos: we would like at least two photos for our social media and our website (e.g. at the collection and 'finely done').


P.S. If you / you like the idea, we want to offer workshops in jewellery design from paper and plastic 'waste' in the summer.

Endless possibilities for imaginative designs.

Fresh Spring Fashion by Gela Design

Today we present the beautiful, light fashion of Gela Dunecke from Fischerhude near Bremen. Of course in combination with some of our favourite Gold + Form pieces.

The great, wearable fashion by GELA DESIGN is also available in stronger colours for the evening. More on the website / online shop and of course in the shop, by appointment.