Spring awakening

It's March and there are already the first signs of nature's reawakening. Spring is in the starting blocks, in one month the clocks will be changed again (forward or backward?!), the days are getting longer! The joy of life is returning.

We look forward to another year with you, here in Fedelhören - Bremen's most beautiful shopping mile - where there are still beautiful shops and upmarket retail. The shopping experience is enriched by our lively neighbours Cafe Vino Bar Bramante, the Fedelhören wine shop, star hairdresser Kay Schneider across the road and brand new, friendly bike specialist Sebastian Fahrrad. Strolling through Fedelhören is always worthwhile.

The pure Aquamarine in March

The birthstone of the month of March is aquamarine, the blue to blue-green variety of the mineral beryl. Its name is composed of the Latin words for water and sea, which is no surprise given its colour. In its purity, aquamarine represents youth, health, hope, self-confidence, happiness and love and is said to help against poisoning.