Topaz and Imperial Topaz in September

Topaz comes from 'Topazos' - which means 'searched and found' - originally from shipwrecked pirates in the Red Sea. 

As a healing stone it has a cooling effect, and helps, for example, to quench blood, heal haemorrhoids and, according to Hildegard von Bingen, topaz is even said to warn of poisons.  

But that is not all: men become beautiful and intelligent and sterile women become fertile. And finally, the topaz is said to banish sadness, anger and nocturnal fear and to protect from sudden death. 

The pink to pink-orange topazes are called Imperial Topaz, because this colour is rather rare. The most common topazes are brown-yellow or yellow.

Here we show some examples from our workshop.

Visits to the Viertel

We were recently in the workshop of Martin Wilmes Möbelbau. There is a lot to discover. From letter openers to large cupboards, everything here is made by hand. We had fun decorating our jewellery and even on the furniture maker himself it looked great.

Together with Frauke Alber and Ruprecht Holsten Martin shows and sells his pieces in raum - Handwerk und Design. The producers gallery is now open again for the next seven months at Ostertorsteinweg 68.