Pink Saphire

September is the month of the - normally blue - Saphire. Today we will chat about the pink Saphire! The boundary between pink saphire and ruby is not defined, which sometimes led to heated discussions in the past. The trade tended to refer to intensely pink stones as rubies, as this justified a higher price.

Today this discussion is obsolete, as the pink saphire has continuously gained popularity and thus value. We believe it is better to own a pink saphire of really fine, than a ruby of somewhat dubious (because too light) color.

Name origin: from the Greek σάπφειρος sappheiros, which in turn derives from the Hebrew ספיר cappiyr. This word was used to refer to blue stones such as the sapphire but also the lapis lazuli.

Possibilities of confusion: with other pink gemstones, syntheses and glass.

The number of pink gemstones or gemstones that also occur in pink is relatively high. The most important are tourmaline, spinel, beryl (morganite), topaz, spodumene (kunzite) and diamond. Also some garnets, especially rhodolite garnet, occasionally occur in pink color.

Gold + Form turns 35: 1001 nights celebrations

Our 35th anniversary event will take place on Saturday, 9 October at Fedelhören. Let yourself be enchanted with beautiful carpets and cushions from the Atelier Rofoogar; aromatic teas from golden cups and mugs from Frauke Alber Keramik and of course dreamlike jewellery from our workshop. By the way, we also display a lavish selection of loose gemstones in all colours and sizes - ideal for custom-made pieces, which we are happy to design and manufacture for you. We look forward to seeing you between 10am and 6pm. (Please note the 3G rule!)

Kunstwerk im Viertel

On 23 and 24 October, it's finally Kunstwerk im Viertel again and the workshops and studios in the Bremer Viertel open their doors for a look behind the scenes - Gold + Form will be there. Between 11 am and 6 pm on both days, there is much to discover. A hygiene concept in accordance with the regulations then in force will apply.

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