Celebrating 33 years of gold + form

Join us for our celebrations on Thursday June 13 at our studio from 17:00.

As a thank you for 33 fantastic years we are presenting 33 special pieces at a special price. Watch this space for a new one every day until June 13. Of course you can also find them in our shop in Fedelhören in Bremen. Stop by - they are worth the visit.

Magical Emerald

The birthstone in May is the wonderful Emerald. Hildegard von Bingen, the German poet and nun, was convinced that the Emerald was one of the most effective healing stones and also a sign for beauty, justice and harmony. It provides the wearer with mental balance and lucidity.

A famous fairy tale evolved around this precious stone: The Wizzard of Oz - or the Wizzard of Emerald City. Below we present a few beautiful pieces in various shades of green from our studio at Gold + Form.