Gift ideas that give pleasure

Jewelry gifts are a joy, because a piece of jewelry gives pleasure for a long time. Our designs are timeless, wearable, stylish and are realized with a lot of experience and craftsmanship.

Here we show some gift ideas that we have put together. Because even - or especially - after this year we should celebrate a joyful Christmas.

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Energy during November

November is a month that some people feel is grey and cold - but the living citrine as its birthstone radiates energy! Citrine is named after the French word for lemon - "citron" - which describes its lemon yellow color.

This living gemstone is a macrocrystalline variety of quartz, which usually occurs in nature together with amethyst. Citrine gets its bright color from iron. The popular citrines are found in mainly in Brazil, Madagascar, Uruguay and Mozambique, the multicolor citrine and the amethyst in Bolivia. Limonene citrines are also found in Zambia and Tanzania.